Our policies outline our beliefs, values, and positions on a whole host of student issues, from teaching to housing to international politics. All of our policies are written and approved by students, and any student at Lancaster has the right to submit policies for the student body to consider. 

The following policy items have been passed democratically by the students' union. Before 2016/17, our principal policymaking body was Council. From 2016/17 onwards, policy items are passed by either Executive Committee, a Student Jury, or an all-student referendum. You can find out more about these structures and bodies here.

Policy 2020-21

Block Grant Policy

We are looking to campaign for the sustainable growth of our Block Grant and be financially transparent to students.

Safe Space Policy

Making the Students' Union a safe space through policy implementation.

The Return of Students: The Unfair Blame Game

We stand with young people and students, and denounce the Government’s unfair ‘blame’ shift on the spike in coronavirus cases on young people and students.

Student Numbers Growth vs Student Experience

This paper sets out the Union policy on space, proposes a boycott of university open days and invites the Executive to consider extending the boycott to the National Student Survey (NSS) too.

Accessibility Principles This paper outlines the accessibility principles Lancaster University Students' Union has adopted to ensure that we are accessible to all students, including students with disabilities. 

Policy 2018-19

Inclusivity in Sport Policy

We are working to ensure that all our affiliated student groups are inclusive and accessible spaces where students don’t face barriers to being involved.

Fossil-Free Investment Policy

We commit to permanently adopting fossil-free investments as soon as possible, and by all means before the end of the 2020/2021 academic year.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of the most critical challenges of our time and we are committed to improving the practices of the Union and the University.

Policy 2017-18

Use of Pronouns

We never assume someone's pronouns and work to normalise clarifying pronoun use

Single Use Plastic 

We aim to reduce the use of plastic in our services and lobby the university to do the same 

Lecture Recordings 

We believe all students should have sufficient access to Lecture Recordings for the bettering of their educational experience.

Mental Health Support 

We believe that all students should have access to mental health support which is high-quality and appropriate.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion We are a diverse and inclusive organisation, taking positive action across the university in support of equality and diversity

Policy 2016-17

Responsible Alcohol Consumption

We have a duty to create a safe space for responsible drinking, and condemn excessive drinking culture

Zero Tolerance

We take a zero tolerance stance against bullying, harassment and discrimination


All students are entitled to safe, quality, affordable housing both on and off campus

Ethics and Sustainability

We support environmentally friendly choices and lead on ethical and sustainable initiatives in the University community

Content Warnings

All students should be comfortable at our events and training, so we provide content warnings at all appropriate times

Policy 2015-16

Self-defining Electorate

All students have the right to self-define their identity and our elections will allow students to self-define at the time of voting

Hustings in Union Elections

We will aim for our elections and hustings events to be accessible to all students

Opposing Tuition Fees

We condemn the current system of fees and loans as unsustainable, unfair, and a barrier to education

Stand By Me

We stand by victim-survivors of sexual assault and call for a commitment by the University and community to provide accessible support services


If you're interested in writing or submitting your own policy items, contact su.governance@lancaster.ac.uk or the Chair of Executive Committee at su.vp.uniondevelopment@lancaster.ac.uk.