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Want to be a Lancaster Bomber?



Whether you're an experienced player coming from the junior leagues or have never watched a game in your life, all are welcome - no knowledge of the rules, no problem. We have all different kind of players with all body types so we are sure that we can find a position that you will ace! 

We have a family appoarch that comes from football sundays and the intense training we do. To become a "Bomber" is to become part of our family. The socials on wednesday are compeitive but have a chilled vibe compared to other sports creating a zero pressure enviroment. 

We've set up a prospective players group up as way for you to register your interest with what we hope will become your team and to get an introduction to some of the people you may soon be calling your teammates; as well as to keep tabs on upcoming events such as the rookie sessions where you can try your hand at the different positions in American Football!


Our membership cost is TBC for the upcoming year but will be affordable!  This payment will give you access to shoulder pads, lowers and a helmet. as well as insurance for bucs and training. All clubs that use the sports centre and their facilities require a Sport Lancaster Plus Membership, you'll only need one then you can join as many sports clubs as you like. 
Training Times
Our current training times are:
  • Tuesdays: 20:00-22:00 3G
  • Wednesday: Lecture Theatre Chalk and Talk: 7.30. Followed by a social. 
  • Sundays (except gamedays): 13:00-16:00 3G




Terms and conditions

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By joining this group basic information such as name, email and date of birth will be made available to the organisers of the group. Next of Kin details may also be provided if part of the registration. Anonymised demographic information of the group’s membership will be used to improve activity but will not identify any individual.