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      Community Volunteer Service Level Agreement

      Purpose of this Agreement:

      Lancaster University Students’ Union has developed a free volunteering brokerage service to facilitate high quality volunteering opportunities between current students of Lancaster University, and approved community volunteering providers (Volunteering Providers).

      The success of this brokerage service depends on a respectful, pragmatic and reciprocal relationship between community partners and the Students’ Union.

      The Agreement:

      • LUSU will provide a free brokerage service to approved Volunteering Providers. Approved Volunteering Providers will be not-for-profit, have adequate insurance in place to cover volunteering activities, and will have adequate provision in place to manage the health, safety and wellbeing of all student volunteers. LUSU will ask for updated information each year, and also reserves the right to withdraw the brokerage service at any time.
      • It is understood that the volunteering activity is an agreement between the individual student volunteer, and the Volunteering Provider. The Volunteering Provider will undertake all necessary recruitment activity to ensure an individual’s suitability for a role, and all vetting activity for volunteers, where necessary. The Volunteering Provider will ensure that each individual volunteer receives adequate support in order for the volunteering opportunity to be fulfilled by suitable individuals.
      • The Volunteering Provider understands that the student is under no obligation to fulfil any volunteering roles, for any length of time. The Volunteering Provider will discuss availability and commitments with the individual and negotiate a mutually agreeable and realistic level of volunteering activity.
      • Volunteering Providers should be aware that University guidelines suggest fewer than 20 hours per week of volunteering and paid work and will respect this when developing volunteering opportunities. Volunteering Providers are also responsible for understanding any visa restrictions in place for international students who volunteer with the Volunteering Provider. 

      Health, safety and welfare:

      • The Volunteering Provider will be responsible for the selection of suitable volunteers ensuring that any legislative requirements, appropriate to the role, are met and there is a named person who is responsible for the volunteers’ on-going supervision and support.

      ·         The Volunteering Provider is solely responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all volunteers involved in roles within their Volunteering Provider. In addition, the Volunteering Provider is responsible for ensuring that it has conducted all appropriate risk assessments to cover the volunteer’s activities. Where risks are identified then there must be suitable controls in place before thevolunteer activity commences. 

      ·         The Volunteering Provider shall ensure that volunteers are provided with all necessary written health and safety policies and procedures, the Volunteering Provider’s rules and guidelines as appropriate, and are provided with any necessary personal protective equipment or training required, before the volunteer starts their role.

      • The Volunteering Provider will be responsible for complying with all statutory legislation.
      • If the Volunteering Provider is unable to provide the required documentation or support to volunteers at any time, they must notify LUSU immediately.


      Data Protection:

      • The Volunteering Provider will sign and agree to a confidentiality undertaking regarding the data it has access to
      • LUSU will allow approved Volunteering Providers access to data on our volunteering platform, Union Cloud, that a student has agreed to be shared. LUSU will continuously monitor the data that Volunteering Providers have access to, and from time to time, may restrict some of the data shared with Volunteering Providers.
      • The Volunteering Provider agrees to comply with best practice guidance offered by LUSU and the University.
      • The Volunteering Provider will adhere to the Data Protection Act, and will ensure that all personal data relating to volunteers is:
        • Fairly and lawfully processed

      §  Processed only for specified and lawful processes

      §  Adequate, relevant and not excessive

      §  Accurate and up-to-date

      §  Not kept for longer than the purpose specified

      §  Processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject

      §  Secure from the point of collection through to disposal

      §  Not transferred to other countries without adequate protection of data subjects


      Communication and Marketing:

      • LUSU will feature all appropriate volunteering opportunities offered by approved Volunteering Providers on the LUSU website. From time to time we may also share this information via social media and other marketing channels at the disposal of LUSU.
      • The Volunteering Provider can unsubscribe from the database and brokerage service at any time by giving 10 working days written notification to


      Feedback and Complaints:

      • LUSU will keep in touch with the Volunteering Provider and student volunteers in order to get regular feedback about the experiences of the Volunteering Provider and their student volunteers when using the brokerage service, in order to continuously improve the user experience of all parties.
      • Student volunteers will be accountable to the Volunteering Provider’s code of conduct, and expectations of behaviour should be communicated from the outset.
      • If the Volunteering Provider wishes LUSU to mediate between the Volunteering Provider and a volunteer, we will make all reasonable attempts to do so
      • The Volunteering Provider is responsible for informing LUSU about any issues relating to students volunteering experiences, so we can work together to resolve any problems.
      • Should you wish to make a complaint about LUSU, including a staff member or representative, you can follow our complaints process


      About Lancaster University Students’ Union:

      Lancaster University Students’ Union (LUSU) is a registered charity, which exists to support the education of Lancaster University Students by:

      ·         Promoting the interests and welfare of students at Lancaster University during their course of study and representing,  supporting and advising students;

      ·         Being the representative channel between students and Lancaster University and any other external bodies;

      ·         And providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of its students.


      You can offer feedback at any time via our online Helpdesk or by emailing us.

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