Atree Ghosh

Our Vice-President (Union Development) is focused on the overall development of the union, its commercial services and its officers. 

Hi, I’m Atree, and I’m your VP Union Development for the 2020/2021 academic year. And I’ve just graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance.


I’m an international student, having been born in India, and raised in Dubai, but I now call Lancaster home. I’ve spent the vast majority of my 4 years so far in Lancaster on my college JCR in several positions, and it’s been amazing being involved with all things Welcome Week, Extravs, etc. When not doing Uni work or planning the next big event, I’m usually watching the footy or F1 and cooking up a storm for an instagrammable meal.


For the coming year, I intend to sort out the upcoming Constitutional Convention in a timely manner to support a programme of reform that is aligned with what the student body wants. Furthermore, it is unclear whether there is support for the NUS at the University, so I will be organising a referendum on membership. In addition to this, I will also develop a student-focused College Strategy for the University and Students’ Union to operate within.


These are just some of my top priorities, but I will be striving to achieve a lot more. Click on the link below to read the manifesto I was elected on to see what I want to realise in my time in office."