Children & Young People's Partnership

Images of students working with children on our Children & Young People Outreach Programme


What is the Children & Young People's Partnership?


We offer a range of opportunities for student to support learners in pre-school, primary & secondary education. The team also offers opportunities for paid work throughout the year.

Our programme offers schools a wide range of activities to inform and raise awareness of opportunities in higher education and studying at Lancaster University.

The opportunities throughout the year offer volunteering experiences and paid work for our students ranging from getting involved with classroom activities right through to helping to lead projects here on campus.


What opportunities are available?


Below you'll find our four main areas of volunteering with children & young people. You are not limited to just one area of interest and can request information on all of our opportunities.

Pre-School Assistants (currently on hold due to COVID restrictions)

Our pre-school classroom assistants opportunity offers the chance to support early learners at the pre-school on campus. The age range of the children will be 1-4 so lots of fun, messy play and change to help early learners with their time at pre-school.

Duration: Half a day per week(number of weeks is negotiable)

Primary & Secondary School Classroom Assistants (currently on hold due to COVID restrictions)

This opportunity offers chance to support and reinforce lessons presented by the teaching staff. As an assistant in the classroom, you could be required to undertake several different roles but it is always a lot of fun!

Duration: Half a day per week (number of weeks is negotiable)

Volunteers will be partnered with a school based on experience, travel and availability of placements.

Lancaster University Storytellers

This opportunity offers the chance for us to showcase short stories and poems written by children in the local area. As a volunteer, you would be provided with a short story or poem to read whilst being recorded. This will then be made available for schools to watch.

Duration: Readings would be 5-10 minutes long

Lancaster University Penpals

This opportunity is only going to be available in term 3. We expect to be able to return to in person activity in the new academic year.

Volunteers will record a weekly video based on their week but also a set theme. Videos would then be available to schools via Teams.

Duration: Videos would only need to be 5-8 minutes long and would be spread over 8 weeks

On-campus Action Days (currently on hold due to COVID restrictions)

This opportunity offers volunteers a flexible one day (or half day) opportunities for you to work with a range of pupils, both on campus and in the classroom. We offer actions days in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Art & Culture
  • Innovation
  • Science
  • Environmental
  • Multi-culturalism
  • Leadership
  • Democracy

Duration: Half or full day, usually on a one-off basis.

Duck Hunt/Treasure Hunt Assistants (currently on hold due to COVID restrictions)

This opportunity offers flexible opportunities to be partly involved with a project. We appreciate time is precious and so this opportunity is to support pre-existing Action Days with the Duck Hunt element. This opportunity is available throughout the year.

Duration: Usually 90 minutes, usually on a one-off basis

Online Tutoring/Mentoring

In addition to our yearly classroom activities this year we will be offering more targeted support to schools via mentoring and tutoring.

We are developing this project along with the North Lancashire Schools Network and academic partners across the institution as part of the Connecting Kids Project. We will be working with primary, secondary and specialist schools to identify and capitalise on skills that children and young people have learnt during lockdown alongside supporting areas of the curriculum most affected by school closures.

The educational support will run parallel to mentoring. This may involve the facilitation of group sessions, general support and 'buddying'.

We are running focus groups with both young people and school staff to allow the service to be needs led and responsive.

Duration: Can vary depending but can be flexible

Clubs & Societies Showcase

As a club or society share your skills & expertise with children & young people!

Duration: This opportunity can be a one off or as an ongoing project but the Children & Young People volunteering team can support you with your idea!


How do I sign up?


The process is now much simpler and quicker to complete. Once you have completed the form someone will be in touch and start the process.

Click to enrol as a volunteer.


What happens next


Once you have enroled as a volunteer & selected an opportunity one of our team will be in touch to start the process and provided you with information on the following stages;

  • DBS Certification
  • Safeguarding training (an accredited online module)
  • Placement meetings or additional training

DBS certification

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) was established in 2012 and carries out checks to ensure people are safe to be working with children or young people. This is not an exam or a test but a DBS certificate helps to prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. There is no cost for this certificate.

Safeguarding Training (online module)

Schools play an essential role in protecting children from abuse whilst creating safe environments for children and young people through robust safeguarding practices. Safeguarding training ensures that adults who work in the school, including volunteers, don't pose a risk to children. This online module provides volunteers with information and techniques to ensure children and young people are supported but also to protect you and your colleagues. This should take no longer than one hour. There is no cost for this training.

One-to-one meetings and training

Volunteers will be invited to meetings as required. If you have signed up to an action day then training will be happening throughout the year to coincide with the events. Volunteers who are aiming to go directly into schools will be invited in as soon as possible to go through their aims and requirements. This can often be combined with the DBS check depending on how much time you have! Meetings and training are essential so we can ensure you know any vital information or for you to ask any questions!


Why should you get involved?


We provide all student volunteers with:

  • Support with ideas & projects
  • Travel expenses to placements
  • Reward Scheme
  • Opportunity for clubs & societies to provide outreach projects
  • Updates of new opportunities
  • Flexible volunteer opportunities
  • Full DBS & Safeguarding Certification
  • Opportunities for paid work


What is the project aiming to achieve?



Encourage pupils to be motivated, take an interest in learning and ultimately aspire to come to University in the future. If you are passionate about seeing young people succeed in education and think you can be a positive advocate of the Lancaster student experience, then why not get involved?


All of our outreach activities connect with key aspects of the National Curriculum and provide exciting opportunities that are not readily available in the classroom. If you’re passionate about education, would like to foster a love of learning, or perhaps are thinking of a career in teaching, then we would like to hear from you!


Through innovative projects, we aim to provide enjoyable and unforgettable experiences which support the development of transferable skills. Do you think you could facilitate a fun and fast-paced educational session for pupils aged between 2-18 years old? Whether you want to take the lead or play a supporting role, we have opportunities to suit everyone.