COVID-19 Information

COVID Advice for Living Tenants

The Living Team hope all our tenants are staying safe and comfortable during the continuing Covid restrictions.

Whilst the situation continues to develop we want to reassure all our tenants that SU Living services continue to be available.

In developing these processes, Living have been mindful of the advice issued by Public Health England and the university sector. We have worked to strike a balance between providing services to households and the need to offer the best protection we can to all housemates, staff, contractors and property owners.

The majority of our property management routines are important in maintaining regulatory compliance and as such we will need to access properties in order to undertake fire checks, undertake repairs and investigate any problems that are reported to us.



The Living housing office is currently open Monday to Friday 10-4pm. These hours will change come the vacation and we will update Tenants via our Christmas Newsletter. Contact details are as normal:

Telephone 01524 592170
Emergency 01524 594541

It is important, for health and safety reasons, that Living continue to access certain buildings, flats and rooms. In most cases Living use linked tradesmen to fulfil health and safety routines, cleaning and security requirements as well as undertaking general maintenance and repairs. These tradesmen will have their own health and safety routines, but have been given best practice guidance with regard to Coronavirus.

Cleaning services will continue as normal, however we will focus on cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces, kitchens and bathroom areas to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Public health advice on COVID-19 is widely available online.

Home visits will continue to be limited to those requested by tenants, contractors, property owners, viewers and any other exceptional circumstances. Those visiting properties have been asked to follow Public Health guidance on good respiratory and hand hygiene.


If tenants are self-isolating, either because of their own symptoms or because of the symptoms of friends or others in the flat it is important they email to advise of the period of self-isolation ASAP

If you report a repair you will be asked to confirm that you are not self-isolating

In cases where a tenant is self-isolating access to the room or flat/house will be limited to the absolutely necessary. This means:

• no pro-active maintenance (such as painting or carpet replacement)

• only essential repairs will be undertaken where it would be dangerous to leave matters unattended.

Oncethe period of self-isolation has ended then we will work to complete any outstanding repairs in a timely manner. OTHER TENANTS LIVING WITH US<

At China Street the communal areas will be maintained and serviced as normal.

In order to assist our contractors and staff, non-essential repairs may be slightly delayed – particularly if a contractor is on leave or self-isolating - but wherever possible every attempt will be made to undertake repairs in a timely manner. In some cases contractors may have problems obtaining supplies and that may slow down putting things right - if that happens we will let you know.


As these do not require access to a property or flat these routines will continue as normal.


This information is the best we can currently give you. If you have any enquires then we will do our best to help. Thank you for reading this and digesting this information.


SU Living are here to support you and your household throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.