Jesse Phillips

Jesse Phillips


Jesse Phillips is your LGBTQ+ Officer and leads the LGBTQ+ Forum. 


Hi! I’m Jesse (they/them), I’m your LGBTQ+ officer for 2020 - 2021, and I’m in my third year studying Software Engineering.


I believe that everyone in our diverse and intersectional community has a fundamental right to be and to express who they truly are; regardless of gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, faith, age, or disability.  When I ran for this office, my electoral campaign consisted of a simple motto: “be proud to be you”.  It’s too easy to keep your head down and never express yourself.  I want to change that and I hope you do too.


If you need someone to talk to about LGBTQ+-related issues, you can always drop me an email or find me around campus.  You can also get anonymous welfare support from the welfare officer team in the LGBTQ+ Forum.




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