Support Packages

We have a variety of support packages available for any students in need. Whether you're struggling financially and are in need of emergency food aid, are in need of some free Care Necessities to see you through, or would like to use our Essential Food Box delivery service, we're here for you. 


Care Necessities Bags Look for the bare necessities, the simple Care Necessities!

To help you stay home and well-stocked we’re offering FREE Care Necessities bags, available for collection from the students' union or if you're in isolation, the Care Necessities will come to you!

The bags include toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, deodorant, loo roll, disinfectant and sanitary products.

Simply drop an email to request a Bare Necessities Bag & advise if you're isolating and if you are in need of sanitary products (including preference: Menstrual Cup/Pads/Tampons).



Essential Food Boxes Self-isolating? Our Essential Food boxes can be delivered to you!

The boxes include store cupboard staples & a variety of fresh fruit/veg to keep you going for several days.

All of the boxes are vegetarian and are delivered directly to your door by a member of the Central Supermarket team.

Contents may vary due to stock levels.

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Emergency Food Aid How are you doing? In such challenging times, it's important to ask ❤️

If you're struggling financially and you are worried about your ability to provide yourself with sufficient food, we're here for you. Our Emergency Food Aid boxes are here to help you through, with free food and essentials for Lancaster University students.

Please contact the SU Advice team directly on and they will arrange to get it to you. Please advise if you are isolating and if you are in need of sanitary products (including preference: Menstrual Cup/Pads/Tampons).