Set up a new club or society

There is a huge range of societies to join at Lancaster, a list of which can be seen here. However, if you’ve had a look and nothing is catching your eye, we can potentially help you to set up your own group.

Do you have an idea for a student society which is going to make Lancaster an even more interesting place to be a student?

Is your idea new and original and unlike anything else currently happening here?

Have you already been doing this activity, and now you want to take it to the next level?

If the answer is “yes” then we want to hear from you!

Do you want to join a community of over 1,000 other students who are leading society activity?

Do you want to share your skills, interests and ideas with other Lancaster students?

Are you motivated, driven and excited to develop your leadership skills?

Leading a society is a lot of responsibility and work. You have to adhere to UK charity regulations, you have to work as an effective exec team, you have to plan safe and interesting activities.

But in committing to running and leading a society you’re joining a supportive network of other students with the same drive and determination as you. You get to share your passions and skills with other like minded people. You will be one of the reasons that Lancaster University is a great place to be a student!

Once you’ve set up the society, you’ll be supported by experienced staff in the students' union, who have the knowledge and tools to support you in building the society. You’ll be given access to exclusive online learning spaces and clear instructions about what you need to do in order to run your group. If you’re having difficulties, then the nion is here for you, with drop-ins every afternoon in term time.

Benefits of becoming an affiliated society

  • Invitations to participate in the large events that happen throughout the year.
  • Access to university room bookings (*subject to availability)
  • Health & Safety support
  • Insurance cover - all members are insured and we’ll help you to ensure all activities are safe
  • Space on our website with visibility to the whole student body
  • Event promotion through iLancaster
  • No credit/debit card transaction fees for membership sales and event ticket sales
  • The chance to get funding for your activities
  • Advice on how to organise trips, which companies to use etc
  • Guest list entry to Sugarhouse
  • Free skills training
  • Accredited training options: food hygiene, first aid
  • Leadership and management experience – this experience is highly valued by employers
  • A business address
  • Full time officer and professional staff support


Find out more: please email